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    Welcome to visit us at Canada StoneX Fair in Toronto 2017
    Mar 08, 2017

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Owing to premium quality and favorable prices, more and more North American stone factories are using our diamond tools now. Many factories have saved lots of production cost by our technique.
    We can design suitable formula according to customers’ actual application. To reduce test risk, we offer 30% discount for first trial order.

    From May 16th to 18th we will take part in the Stonex Canada to exhibit our diamond tools for stone, welcome to visit our booth No. 449 and have a personal talk!

    Diamond Tools: diamond segment,diamond blade,diamond grinding tools,diamond polishing pads, etc.

    Best regards


    ChinShine Diamonds Tools Co.Ltd.(Dept.I)
    Tel: +86-595-2288-5227 Ext.2
    Mobile: 0086-133-2887-5227
    Mobile: 0086-133-2857-5227

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