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    • How ChinShine Customers Buy and Sell Diamond Blade|Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

      How ChinShine Customers Buy and Sell Diamond Blade|Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

      Mr.Henry worked in a European famous diamond tools company before, now he has been using and selling our diamond blades, diamond core drill bits, diamond grinding cup wheels and other diamond tools in European countries. Here you can see how he talks about buy and sell ChinShine diamond tools. I worked Mon-Fri in sales, selling diamond saw blades and other diamond tools for a company that buys their diamond blades from EHWA under a private label (over the phone i.e. “phone sales”) and will address that matter at the bottom of this message. Diamond grinding cup wheel, diamond core drill bits, even diamond segments are parts of sales tools. The good thing about being directly involved in the sales process is it allows me to gain invaluable insight into the diamond saw blades/diamond cup wheel/diamond core drill bit business since I was dealing directly with the end-user. Speaking to these business owners/contractors etc me gives a great understanding of the business as well as one-on-one feedback of the end users' thought process. What I was looking for is QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY and at a PRICE that will allow me to compete successfully. I had not heard any negative comments from current customers who seem satisfied with what I currently offer and the price at which I offer these diamond saw blades/diamond grinding cup wheel/diamond core drill bits/concrete grinding tools, etc. So it is essential that for my business to succeed I must give customers better products and at a better price. If I cannot, then the business is doomed! My plan is to essentially “replicate” the product line, similar to where I currently work. The flagship line let’s say we call the “XXX” Series (under private label). This can be designed by you by taking features from the ShoxxRX13 (Samedia, Germany) and also the diamond saw blade I sell currently (will send details at a later stage), making some cosmetic adjustments. It can be offered in various sizes and configurations from highest to lower price levels (as in picture below). Outside of the “Asxxo” Series, any other type of diamond blade, diamond core bits, blade for specific aggregate etc. we can use what you currently already have (under private label). diamond Core drill bits, as an example, generally are more expensive so I will need assurance as to the quality of your products. SALES EXPERIENCE AND METHOD TO BE USED:- As mentioned above, I wanted to also share the “phone sales” matter. It is my belief that my previous background/experience will be very relevant to the success of this business venture in selling diamond blades for concrete and stone industry, some concrete industry need diamond core drill bit, quality concrete grinding wheel, diamond wire, etc. When I read the ad that a “diamond tool” company was filling positions for  “phone sales”, I was highly intrigued. I went to see this with my own eyes! I saw that the operation was legit and they were in fact closing sales over the phone. I to...
    • Testimonial and Comments from customers around the world

      Testimonial and Comments from customers around the world

      Here is what our customers say about our diamond tool. If you have place orders for us and would like to give comment on our site, please email info@csdiamondtools.com ,your comments will help us determine how we can better meet your needs. “I wanted to thank you and your staffs for the excellent support we have been receiving from Chinshine company. Your staffs are very professional, friendly, and very easy to work with. As a result of the competitive prices and good delivery we have been receiving, we are increasing the amount of diamond segments we send to your company.” -Anglica Brazil  , diamond blades and segments buyer "Congratulations Mikayla. After the evaluation of all the diamond saw blade supplier, we are very happy with your quality. You will become our important supplier. Now, we ask you to specify the lead time of production for orders of 400 blades, send me the total price, invoice please"  -Lorenzo Italy, diamond saw blade buyer "Mikayla and company, you have always been true and honourable to your word. It has been a pleasure dealing with you in this past year.I look forward to many more years to come." -Mr.McCabe Canada, diamond segment buyer "Nowadays, it is not easy to find a company that you can completely trust. Your diamond tools were recommended to me by a granite businessman, and now I know the reason – the quality of diamond blade & diamond segment are great, you are very professional. Keep up the good job!" -Morteza Iran, diamond segments, diamond saw blade buyer

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