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    Chinshine Granite cutting blades have been using in the biggest stone area and market(Fujian Province) for many years by their good quality, competitive price, fast cutting speed, long working life, general-purpose application, smooth edge, no edge collapsing. Specially apply to cut high standard edge and corner.

    By welding technique, we provide the these granite cutting blades: silver welding granite cutting blades, sintered cutting blades, high frequency welded and laser welded granite cutting blades.

    By noise: silent diamond granite cutting blade and normal blade.

    By with/without water: dry cutting blade and wet cutting blade. Generally, when the diameter of blade is over 300mm, we suggest you to cut with water to prolong life. Small granite cutting blades are for wet/dry use.

    Need more granite cutting blades and granite diamond tools information or inquiry, please send inquiry for us. Welcome to buy granite cutting blades from the China professional manufacturer -ChinShine!

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