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    Diamond fickert and diamond frankfurt are specially used for rough and medium grinding of stone slabs, diamond fickert is used for grinding granite slabs, diamond frankfurt is used for grinding marble slabs mostly.

    After long-term test on grinding&polishing all kinds of granite marble and other stone on automatic grinding machinery at many stone manufacturers, our diamond fickert and frankfurt have became more and more popular in China, India, Poland, brazil, Europe, America and so on.

    We offer comprehensive range of Metal and Resin Bond Diamond Fickerts and diamond frankfurt with excellent shaping, high efficency,long working lifespan and low consumption . Our diamond abrasive tools range is suitable for grinding and polishing granite, marble and other stone to give the finest luster and superior polished surface.

    Size: 130mm, 140 mm, 170mm, frankfurt shapes


    Metal - #36, #46, #60, #120, #180, #220, #300, #400

    Resin - #50, #100, #180, #200, #320, #400, #800, #1500, #3000, #6000

    Any intermediate grits can also be made on the request.

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