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    • Break News: Influence by Coronavirus, ChinShine Open Factory Till Feb.10th, 2020
      Feb 05 , 2020

      Break News: Influence by Coronavirus, ChinShine Open Factory Till Feb.10th, 2020

      Affected by a novel coronavirus, Chinese government announced all enterprises will remain closed till February 16, 2020.  Our sales marketing department will start to work on Feb.10th. Customers' inquiry and email will be replyed in 24 hours; After Sales Service is always available; new order about diamond segment, diamond saw blade, diamond grinding cup wheels could be complete in short time, but other diamond tools maybe delayed. China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. ChinShine company take it seriously and follow the government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus. The atmosphere around remains optimistic to some extent. The epidemic will be eventually controlled and killed. Apparently the coronavirus issue can't be resolved in short period. Regarding diamond wire, diamond grinding shoes and concrete diamond blades order, we are afraid that the schedule of your order may be changed due to the delay of production. We'll keep you updated about the production schedule. The delayed shipment is not just from us, but from the sub vendors, shipping company and all other related support systems. Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated. Any questions, please send email: sales@csdiamondtools.com, Mobile/WhatsApp: +86-133-2887-5227 ,You can get a response within 24 hours.
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    • NOTICE: The peak season is coming, order might be delayed
      Oct 08 , 2019

      NOTICE: The peak season is coming, order might be delayed

      As winter is coming, to obey "Paris Agreement",  reduce pollution and protect environment, Chinese government strictly supervisory control the production and output of factories, our manufacturing cycle is seriously prolonged and the lead time will be delayed. In addition, Chinese Traditional new year of 2020 comes earlier than ever, all customized products(large diamond blades, diamond core drill bit, parts of diamond grinding cup wheel) should be released to production department around November 1st, otherwise we can't promise lead time. The lead time of diamond segments, small diamond blades and stocked products is not affected much. The next customized production will be about Feb. 15, 2020 after Chinese Traditional new year. Customers need large diamond saw blades, large quantity of diamond tools, or CUSTOMIZED order,please place orders in about November, or the production time might be delayed! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Best Wishes! ChinShine Sales Team I
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    • Visit ChinShine: Serbia Stone Expo in Belgrade,April 17-20,2019
      Mar 11 , 2019

      Visit ChinShine: Serbia Stone Expo in Belgrade,April 17-20,2019

      Stone Expo April 17-20 ,2019 in Belgrade, Serbia is a professional stone fair, our company will exhibit diamond segments, diamond aw blades, diamond wires and other stone tools on the fair. You could check the quality by yourself. If you are interested in any diamond tools, or you would like to discuss with us in your company, it is our great honor, welcome to contact us in advance. We will visit Serbia, German, Chech, Austria, Germany, Poland,Romania, and other European countries from April 12 to 30. If you want to become our customers or agents, please contact us in time, we can visit your company and have a meeting. Any one who need samples, please contact with us as quick as possible! Best regards, ChinShine Sales Team Display Products: diamond blade, diamond segment, diamond polishing pad, diamond core drill bit, diamond wires, and other concrete
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    • Welcome to Visit us at Moscow Stone Industry International Exhibition B35
      Mar 15 , 2017

      Welcome to Visit us at Moscow Stone Industry International Exhibition B35

      We will give you a discount of 5% if you buy diamond tools at our booth in Moscow Exhibition! Please tell the sales that you from CHINSHINE website! Our company is going to participate in Stone Industry International Exhibition which will be held in  Russia, Moscow, VDNKH, Hall 75, booth No.B35 from June 27 to June 30, welcome to visit our booth and have a face-to-face discussion. You will see our samples there, if you have any requirement on diamond  tools for stone or construction, we can take there for you. We will also visit Russian customers from July 1st to 6th. If you want to become our customer or agent, please contact us in time, we can visit your company and have a meeting. We have many Russian customers who are buying diamond tools for cutting and grinding concrete. In this trip to Russia, there are not many samples of concrete tools at the booth, if you have any demand, please inform us in advance. Display Products: diamond saw blade, diamond segment, diamond polishing pad, small size diamond cutting disc, diamond core drill bit for stone, resin diamond grinding plate, diamond profile grinding wheel, and other stone diamond tools.
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    • 2018 Xiamen Stone Fair
      Apr 02 , 2018

      2018 Xiamen Stone Fair

      The 18th Xiamen International Stone&Stone Diamond Tools Fair ended smoothly at March 9, 2018. The stone exhibition was held in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, China. It is the largest comprehensive exhibition of stone industry in the world. It gathers various kinds of stone products, stone machine ,stone diamond tools and the related technology exhibitions. ChinShine diamond tools company has attracted many Chinese and foreign visitors with its elaborate preparation, exquisite technical level, high-quality and high-performance diamond saw blades,  diamond segments, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond wire saw and other stone cutting tools. Our sales always communicate with the customers with full enthusiasm and patience. Through the explanations of our staffs, the characteristics and advantages of our diamond tools are vividly reflected, and the exhibitors show strong cooperation intention after understand the products. Moreover, some customers brought technical difficulties encountered during working. After engineers technical guidance and process optimization, they are greatly satisfied with our suggestions, many customers placed trial orders to us in the fair. The Xiamen Stone Fair is an famous stone industry event. In the exhibition, all the samples have been sold out. At the same time, we have built new business relations with customers around the world. Xiamen ChinShine Diamond tools company has made a long-term development in the stone industry in recent years, with a certain brand -ChinShine accumulation and steady development.With high quality products with good reputation, it occupies a pivotal position in the field of stone industry and construction industry.Nevertheless, we still need to take a step further in this field. We will further improve the product quality supervision system, make every effort to build our brand strength and serve more people in the world. Welcome to visit us in the 19th Xiamen Stone Fair next Year.
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    • Welcome to visit us at Canada StoneX Fair in Toronto 2017
      Mar 08 , 2017

      Welcome to visit us at Canada StoneX Fair in Toronto 2017

      Dear Sir/Madam, Owing to premium quality and favorable prices, more and more North American stone factories are using our diamond tools now. Many factories have saved lots of production cost by our technique. We can design suitable formula according to customers’ actual application. To reduce test risk, we offer 30% discount for first trial order. From May 16th to 18th we will take part in the Stonex Canada to exhibit our diamond tools for stone, welcome to visit our booth No. 449 and have a personal talk! Diamond Tools: diamond segment,diamond blade,diamond grinding tools,diamond polishing pads, etc. Best regards Luke ChinShine Diamonds Tools Co.Ltd.(Dept.I) Tel: +86-595-2288-5227 Ext.2 Mobile: 0086-133-2887-5227 Mobile: 0086-133-2857-5227 Wechat/WhatsApp:0086-133-2887-5227 Website:www.sasookpai.com
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    • India Stonemart 2013 -Diamond Tools Fair Exhibition
      Jan 05 , 2013

      India Stonemart 2013 -Diamond Tools Fair Exhibition

      Date: 31 Jan- 3 Feb 2013 Location:Export Promotion Industrial Park,Jaipur,Rajasthan,India ChinShine Booth: No.: 118,Hall B ChinShine Exhibits ChinShine will take diamond saw blades, diamond segments,diamond blades,diamond polishing pads,diamond grinding wheels, and so on to take part in the India Stone Mart 2013, please meet us in India. Fair Introduction India Stonemart 2013 would be the largest exposition on stone industry which would showcase the world of natural dimensional stones, ancillary products and services, comprehensively, conveniently and competently. With abundant and practical activities, India Stonemart 2013 will provide exhibitors an excellent platform to realize industry communication, brands promotion, market development, supply and demand joint as well as networking. It is an all encompassing expositional umbrella which brings together the who's and who's of stone industry not only from India but also globally. The exhibition is organized by CDOS with FICCI as co-organiser, supported by the Government and sponsored by the biggest names in the sector from India and other countries as well. Rajasthan State Industrial Development Investment Corporation Ltd., is the Principal Sponsor. In present date, stone industry is recognized as one of the fastest flourishing sector in the Indian economic system. India has more than 11% export part in whole global total stone export. It creates more than 27% of the whole stones produced in throughout the world. Stonemart has become increasingly more famous and influential in terms of its exhibition area, buyer attendance, quality of exhibitors present, the exhibition conditions and the quality of the services offered. With the number of visitors from across the world expected to surpass 50,000, India Stonemart 2013 is an ideal springboard to negotiate international deals, network with the stalwarts of the industry and to simply do business.
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